Emanuele Marica

Rome, 1984.

A self-taught designer, he started in the industrial area of Ciampino where he got comfortable using all types of materials, especially of large format. Creating art out of these inspirations, in a few years he made a name for himself at exhibitions and showrooms in Rome with a production of unique pieces that wink their eye at the very recent past, but look to the future with conviction. The unexpected recovery of old industrial elements is his thing, made possible by a strong knowledge of the treatments needed to give birth to a complete work of art with a bold taste, nonchalant, and without too many compromises.

Silvia Marica

Rome, 1976.

Silvia’s initial formation is from the Academy of Costume and Fashion of Rome followed by New York, thanks to a scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Technology. After a first series of personal productions and collaborations in fashion, she approaches the world of design with a thorough study of ceramics and – moved also by a passion for goldsmith jewellery design- she moves the focus of her work over to the creation of objects and accessories, always characterized by a strong intention of transmediality. It’s in this field that she let herself be surprised by how shapes and materials can blend freely in order to move and excite, while still maintaining simple and very useful functionality features.